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About Us

A little about myself


From his days growing up in Dampier, Mark Stothard has always had a kinship with the great outdoors.

Discovering a love for swimming, diving and competing in his teens, Mark focused his time on travelling, learning & trying his hand at anything that interested him; From aircraft engineering to sales, and even surfing, horse riding, and most importantly to Mark, skydiving.

These passions flow through everything Mark does, and are most apparent through his Inspiral Photography, as he continues to explore his love for the natural world by immersing himself within it.

These days, Mark spends his time boat building as Managing Director of Echo Yachts, spending time with his family & travelling to the beautiful places that inspire his photography & videography works.



About my process


Mark’s work aims to invoke feelings of adventure and escape while showcasing the beauty that surrounds us. Photography allows Mark to slow down and see the world in a different way as he explores, captures and processes unique environments to convey what these surroundings mean to him.

His action-packed life as a Skydiver, Surfer, Snow Skier and Scuba Diver is unmistakable across all the disciplines of his photography; landscape, abstract, drone and underwater, as well as his ability to use multiple stitches to piece together an epic scene. It’s no wonder he’s known as the ‘Stitchmaster’ in photography circles.

Mark usually wields a Nikon D850, a Nikon D810 for Nauticam footage & DJI Mavic Pro 2 for drone footage. Recently acquiring a Mirrorless Sony A1 and DJI Osmo Pocket for his trip footage, Mark can’t wait to hit the road again and continue the adventure of capturing his world.


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